Thursday, December 28, 2006

Post Christmas Rundown

So Christmas is over now, all the excitement and stress behind us. I'm a slacker, though, and my relatives in the midwest haven't received their gifts yet because I haven't mailed them yet! I know, I know, they're already a week late! I promise they will go out tomorrow morning, if not this afternoon. I PROMISE. Love you, Kris, Paul, Sean and Derek! Don't hate me!!

The girls did really well in the gift department, and yet I don't think any of us went overboard this year. It was actually really nice not having quite so many useless toys around. In the past, Hans and I, and other relatives, have gone a little nuts, getting just random this and that. Granted, in past years, the girls were younger and it was more about opening volume than receiving quantity. Santa brought all of us fishing poles this year, which was really neat, and we're making plans to go to the pond in the neighborhood to try them out, maybe on Monday. Heather got this really neat vaccum so that now I may be able to do MY vaccuming without her hanging onto the appliance trying to "help" me. Unfortunately, though, my vaccum died Tuesday night. I'm hoping Hans can resurrect it with a new plug, but we'll see.....

I got two spa gift certificates from Hans so that I can either be generous and invite a friend along with me, or selfish and go twice alone. Still working on which it's going to be.

Hans got two MacGyver books. All he has to do now is grow the power mullet again and he'll be just like his life-long hero!

We all got many other wonderful gifts, but this is a crochet blog, so onto the crochet.

Speaking of crochet and gifts, Aliceon got her crochet kit from me, but was decidedly un-excited about it. I was disappointed, since she had talked about wanting to learn to crochet since I started. Maybe in a week or two when the glitter wears off of some of her other things.....

I got her hook case mostly made - crocheted and felted yesterday, just blocking and waiting for it to dry now....

It's actually black and lavendar, not white. I still need to take the post-felting pics, maybe today. Maybe not, though. Lots going on today.

I'm also working on a scarf for the Red Scarf Project. It's a deal where you make a red or other gender neutral scarf, send it in, and then it's given to college kids that were in foster care for Valentine's day. It sounded like a really great project, and I know from past experience that giving to others tends to bring me out of a slump.

Let's see - what else is going on? Finally starting to feel better! I'm going to head over to Kicking in just a few to blog that, though.

I also started a new weightloss thingy last night, at the advice of someone on the thyroid board. It's free so we'll see how it works. It has a community and seems like it's basically the same thing as eDiets - they even tell you what you need to be eating, make a shopping list for you and everything.

So, yeah, guess that's it for now :D


Brandee said...

Glad you guys had a nice Christmas! Good luck on the new weight loss plan - 11 days and count for my miracle diet!

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