Tuesday, December 12, 2006


So I got my secret sets I was working on finished! I so wish I could post them here, but I'm pretty sure, based on comments made to me in the recent past, that the recipients (or at least one of them....) occasionally frequents this blog. I so want to post the pics, though! They turned out so nicely! Super soft and snuggly, and the colors are just, well, wow! I'm uber proud of myself!

Ah, screw it! If this is for you, and you know this is for you, just act surprised when you open it Christmas morning, okay??

Nevermind. Jenn talked me out of it. WOuldn't want to ruin Christmas morning, now would I?

I'm also, evidently, smoking crack. Yeah. See, there's this possible fancy dinner thingy Thursday night that I may be going to. Not sure yet, but it's slightly possible. Seeing as how it's a fancy shmancy Christmas thingy, and my illustrious hubby is the top banana on the job, if I do go, being all proper and presentable is paramount (yeah, I know. SOOoooooo not me, but what's a girl to do, right? Gotta further the man's career with her wit and poise!). So, my one and only dress is a black cap sleeved wrap given me by a friend. Lovely in and of itself, but I lack holiday ornamentation or warmth (it does get pseudo chilly here!) that I would surely need for various reasons beyond just accessorizing. So, like the crack head that I obviously am, I decided to embark on crocheting up a quick shrug. Why is that insane, you ask? Well, there are a number of reasons.....
  1. Never before have I crocheted a garment that has to have actual fit
  2. I couldn't find a pattern I liked, so I'm making it up as I go.
  3. I have Christmas gifts that I NEED to be finishing.
  4. Before this weekend.
  5. I have never crocheted anything that had to be seamed, joined or otherwise perfected.
  6. Did I mention the lack of a pattern?
Yeah, so like I said, crack pipe. However, I'm working on it. It may or may not come to fruition, but at least I'm trying, right? Isn't that what really counts?

Oh well, back to your regularly scheduled insanity, with our family Christmas pics to see you off.....

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craftybernie said...

Love the xmas photos - especially the one with the four of you all lying down. That's hilarious!!! BTW, you do know that if the wind changes when your eyes are twisted like that they'll stay like that forever!!! True story! :)

PS Thanks for dropping by my blog. The decorations were fun to make. I like the name 'princess' decorations! Very cool.