Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Random Crafting Thoughts

So every year at Christmas for the last 4 years, I have embarked on some crafting adventure with the kids. The first year it was just Aliceon, and we made picture frames as gifts for everyone -

The next year, I don't remember what we did, exactly. Could have something to do with losing my Papa that year, having Heather in October, and just the fact that I was mom with 2 kids trying to manage the holidays...

2004, we made wrapping paper and sugar cookies -

Last year, we made sugar cookies, reindeer ornaments and reindeer magnets -

This year, albeit rather late, we're embarking upon homemade craft clay ornaments. I thought I was being smart, so I made up the recipe for sparkling salt dough. Yeah. Suddenly, I had flashbacks of last year, when I attempted the same recipe and failed miserably. I really don't think this year's any different. The recipe just makes for a dough that is entirely too sticky and difficult to work with for a 3 year old (for whom the texture is also, evidently, sheer torture!) and a 5 year old. So I thought I would give the old cinnamon dough recipe a try. I didn't have any applesauce, though, so I decided to use one of the 7 bazillion cans of pumpkin puree I have. So far, so good. It's easy for the kids to work with, and the smell is enticing for them. They're in a 250 oven right now. I haven't taken any pics yet, but they have another batch of dough cooling in the fridge for when they've calmed down some (that salt dough made all three of us a little nuts, so we went our separate ways for a cool down.), so I'll photgraph them doing the ornaments then. If I were to critique my own recipe, though, I would have to say that instead of 3/4 C. cinnamon to one small can pumpkin puree, I would probably do 1 1/4 C. cinnamon. The only reason I didn't this time is that, well, I ran out of cinnamon!

So, I will soon post with pics. I realize that this isn't crochet, or even yarn related, but I have made crochet ornaments, and I plan on using yarn instead of ribbon for these ornaments!

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craftybernie said...

I love crafting at Christmas. Looks like you and yours had fun making those lovely biscuits and ornaments.

We've had a busy month crafting here in Craftybernieland. So much so I can't actually wait to put everything away for the Christmas period. Never thought I'd say it but I need a break from crafting!

I'm beginning to panic now - I've been knitting a scarf which is only about 1/2 way through but I have got to finish it in time for Christmas. It's the last thing I really feel like doing at the moment though. I seem to have finish-itis. Harumph!