Friday, September 29, 2006

Fast Times in Orlando

So I haven't gotten a whole lot of crocheting done the last two days.... Lots of stuff going on, and I have to get my house cleaned (damned housework always gets in the way. I wish I had some gnomes to come and do it for me :D). Still, I have taken advantage of the time while we wait for Aliceon's bus, and while I watch the kids play outside to make at least some headway on my many WIPs. The girls love it, because it means that much more play time.... I love it because I can crochet without guilt. Hans hates it, but that's just Hans. He pretty much hates anything that means that I am able to relax and he isn't. He does, however, go shooting almost every week, so he really shouldn't begrudge me. Still, I know the house isn't how it should be, and it's all the yarn's fault!! I have GOT to clean today.

Last night we went to the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival at, where else, Epcot. Let me tell you, that was a BLAST! We went with Eli and her friend Barry, and had the best time. It was cool being able to sample different foods from different countries without having to commit to a whole portion, too, let me tell you - takes the fear and trepidation out of being adventurous..... And, as always, Eli was endlessly entertaining. She is really the bees knees, let me tell ya.

Tomorrow I go shopping with my long time friend, Cynthia, for a bridesmaid dress for me, and flower girl dresses for Aliceon and Heather. Cynthia's getting married in June, and, being the ultra organized bride that she is, is getting a headstart on her planning. Then, we're going to go to Zaxby's and get something to eat. For those of you that don't know, Zaxby's is a phenomenal chicken joint. It started out just off campus at Georgia Southern (I worked at the original Zax in Statesboro. It was a blast, and free food was well worth the heat!). There's this sauce - Zax Sauce - that is just indescribable. I mean, really..... it's soooooo good. I dip everything I get in it - fries, chicken, texas toast. It's good on a buffalo chicken salad instead of any other dressing, too, but be prepared for the cumulative heat!! And the ice. They have what I refer to as popcorn ice. It's sooooo good, and perfect with Southern sweet tea.

After the dress shopping and pilgrimage to Zax, we're going to grab Tracie and head to Tampa to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail with friends on the riverwalk. We'll probably grab some dinner beforehand, but really, this is all a ruse - an excuse to sit together and crochet without the non-hookers catching on that it's a crochet excursion! I can't wait to see Tracie and Brandee and Cynthia!

So that's about that.... time to finally attack my housework!!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Countdown to the holidays....

Okay, so today is September 28. It's officially Autumn, and officially the start of the crucnh time for those of us crafting our Christmas gifts. This is my first year doing such an abundance of crafted gifts - usually the kids and I make ornaments or something for everyone, but that's a 1-2 evening project. However, this year I have my newfound obsession. I figure I should at least make the things I create be gifts. That way, maybe Hans won't be quite so upset with my time spent crocheting and the amount of money I'm spending on yarn. Maybe. Not holding my breath, though.... He just doesn't understand that this is cheaper than therapy, and since I started crocheting, I have stopped needing my Xanax! It's amazing!

Okay, so back to the countdown to the holidays...... I have 11 weeks to get everything done.... Now, being the organized dork that I am, I have a spreadsheet set up with what I need to make, who it's for, whether I have planned it (ie: either found or created the pattern), whether I have the yarn or need to get the yarn, whether I have started it or not, and when it's done...... I think that's pretty awesome of me, so far. I also have all my yarn organized and seperated into ziplocs by either promised to a project (and each project gets its own baggie) or sorted by fiber so that I can do a quick search.... Granted, I don't have that much yarn, especially compared to my mentors, but still. I'm a classic Type A.

So, between now and December 16, I need to complete AT LEAST:
  • 3 hat and scarf sets
  • 2 afghans
  • a wrap
  • a shawl
  • a poncho
  • a tote bag
  • 3 or 4 kitchen sets
  • 3 more hats alone
  • a set of felted Ohio State can coozies
  • 2 sets of felted coasters
And then anything else I think of that I absolutely must have :D I think I'm going to be a busy girl!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Pics of some projects....

Okay, so here are some pics of the projects that I have completed to date..... Quite a bit when you consider that I learned this on July 23 of this year!

First swatches to learn basica stitches:

Now, bear in mind, I was doing these while sitting on my couch surrounded by people. There had been consumption of beer, though not much, and there were 5 children age 7 and under running around.
And I had never touched a crochet hook in my life. Ever.

So the next day I decided to move on to a blanket for the girls' dolls:

Again, remember I'm a newbie at this. However, notice that, even at this novice stage, I decided I wanted to add a little more interest to my piece by using 2 different stitches. I was impressed with myself!

Next on the project list is my first attempt at a hat.Yeah, it turned out badly, and poor planning on my part was partially to blame. So, I frogged the whole thing. Ribbit!

I did, however, finally figure out hats and made a few:

Next on the list was scarves. Actually, had I been a normal person, scarves would have come before hats, but I have to leap into everything with both feet, you know?

These were actually my first "comission pieces," if you will - a very good friend asked me to make her A scarf, and so we went and got the yarn. From that I made three scarves and a hat. Can we say classic overachiever??

This is my first attempt at doing color changes. I thought it turned out pretty well - it's cotton and is a scarf/belt thingy.... Not sure what I'm going to do with it - sell it, gift it or keep it.....? Any thoughts?

I've also made a shawl :

And a dishcloth:

In the works I have: a belt for Aliceon, 4 afghans, a comfortghan, 3 hats, 2 scarves, a wrap, more discloths, a tote bag and, I'm sure, a couple of other things I'm forgetting.... I love crocheting!!!

Beta Entry

Everything else internet has a beta, why not my blog, right? And, technically, this is my beta entry, as in the entry that tests the blog itself, right?

So, I've decided I need to be like the cool kids and have myself a working crochet blog that ISN'T attached to MySpace. Don't misunderstand me - MySpace is great - but I'm betting that it would be better if I weren't assaulting my entire friends list with posts every time I create a new item....... I know that not everyone cares about what I crochet, and most people only check in on that blog to get updates on my health, so that will be there, arts and crafts (crochet!!! and yarn!!!) will be here.....

To give a little background:
I'm married to Hans. Hans went to junior high with Brandee. Hans and Brandee found each other on MySpace about 8 months ago (I think). I was nervous and jealous of Brandee (I'm just a nervous and jealous person..... zero self esteem and all that jazz....). Brandee invited us to her spring shindiggity, and I discovered that I loved her, her family and her friends.... well, at least Tracie :D. Went to another shindiggity of Brandee's Memorial Day and got plastered with Tracie and Bridget (it's all Tony's fault! I swear it!). A little over a month later, I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. Brandee and Tracie organized their crochet group to make squares for a comfortghan for me. Then, they decided that, with the recovery I would have and the stress, I needed to learn to crochet. So we made a day of it, and after eating mass amounts of BBQ food, Brandee and Tracie taught me to crochet. That was the middle of July and I haven't stopped yet. Hans is soooo not loving this, but other people are! I now have an obsession with creating and an addiction to yarn. Seriously, it's like crack for me right now - I'm constantly thinking about how I can get my next fix!

SO this is going to be a blog dedicated to my latest obsession. I will be posting pics of the creations I finish, and maybe some WIPs too..... Enjoy! And feel free to comment!!