Saturday, June 23, 2007

Package has arrived!!

I received the package from my aunt yesterday with the knitting needles and yarn that were my grandparents'. There is some awesome vintage yarn in there, and someone started a beautiful argyle something - I think it's a scarf, but I'm not sure - it could be the beginning of a sweater - perhaps the front left panel. Beautiful dark brown, seafoam green and off white superwash fingering weight wool.... There's also a couple of skeins of cotton/acrylic rug yarn.... and a few others, too....

I also got the three squares for Dani finished and off to Tracie. She's going to take a couple of pics and send them to me.

Not much else going on in the yarn world right now, though. I went down to help family with moving prep, so my hands aren't exactly crochetable right now, and most certainly not knittable.... soon, though. I plan to do some stuff here at home today and then spend tomorrow relaxing (maybe).....

Thursday, June 14, 2007


I haven't said much lately. Mostly because I haven't finished much lately. I seem to have a problem with actually finishing projects. Right now, though, I'm working on some squares for Dani's requested comfortghan. It's for a 1 year old who was just diagnosed with a brain tumor. I hate that there's even a need for a comfortghan for a one year old, but I'm more than happy to contribute......

I've also been working on a super seekrit projeck and a babyghan. Oh yeah, and I need to finish the purse. And the grannyghan. And a couple of other things, I'm sure :D

More to come, soon :D