Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Odd Requests and Sunday's show....

Sunday was our last craft show of the season. I was disappointed, as it seemed that something was amiss in the air - people were wandering about, spending lots, buying lots and loving lots, just not at our booth. I did sell one hat and a dishcloth. The hat was an on-the-spot comission. I think, when I told the lady 2 hours to make it (I was overestimating in case something came up, such as the tent attempting to fly away or more sales of my goods that I would need to attend to....) she thought a) that that was a long time to wander about and b) that when I said 2 hours, I really meant 3 plus hours. However, nothing untoward happened, and I created for her newborn granddaughter a lovely little cap.

Still, even after all my hard work, that was all that sold. I was really quite upset that none of my ornaments sold, seeing as how they were all original, unique and made with love, but I believe that they were overpriced by about $2 each. Oh well, it was a learning experience, right?

All in all, the show was fun. A bit monetarily disappointing, but fun. And I finally got to meet Dani, whom I was thoroughly convinced was no more than a figment of Tra and Brandee's imagination!

Dani, the UnaCrocheter or the Crochetabomber, take your pick!

Tracie and I simul-graphing one another:

And a full on shot of the booth..... We were so fortunate in our location - we were able to park at the bank across the street, and we were right in front of a Chevron station with a full deli and bathroom!

And now for the odd request...... any of you that have haold sweaters or afghans or what have you that you no longer want or need, before you send them to goodwill, would you consider sending them to me? I would love to start recycling some older yarn, and this is a great way to get yarns that I wouldn't normally buy retail for myself! If you have some you'd like to donate, just shoot me a message!

Gracias and may you have a high fiber diet!!

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