Saturday, July 07, 2007

Round Ripple Babyghan

I got a a gift card to Hobby Lobby from my brother for Christmas. I don't have any HLs near me, so I ordered online. I got 6 skeins of Bernat Cottontots in three different colors with the sole idea of making a round ripple babyghan. So far, I'm loving this pattern. It's Lyn's Round Ripple Baby Afghan - a beautiful and simple pattern, easy to figure out and follow. I can't post a pic right now because we're hurtling down I-75 at 85 70 miles and hour, so I'm not able to photograph and load pics. Take my word, though, my plan is working out really well so far. I'm doing it in three colors - 6 rnds of CA, 1 rnd of CB, 6 rnds of CC, 1 rnd of CB, 9 rnds CA, 3 rnds CB, 9 rnds CC, 3 rnds CB, then 1 rnd CA to finish her off. I think it's going to look really nice going in that manner. Already I'm on rnd 14 and am happy with the effect.

As I said on my Ravelry comments for this pattern, I want to do another one of these using Baby Coordinates or another fingering/sport weight (or lighter) yarn so that I can try the fading effect that Tracie gave me directions for.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

What's going on...?

Tracie has inspired me to complete a very frightening task - inventorying my WIPs. Yeah. Here goes....

-round ripple babyghan
-Fit To Be Tied purse (just need to sew in liner and seam)
-mini 1 project tool case (my own pattern)
-knitted pashmina ( no pattern, just learning with it - simple garter stitch)
-loom knit scarf
-s hook scarf

-messenger bag prototype (Soon, I promise!!)
-Cozie Blankie - Just too tedius and boring....
-I'm sure there's more, but we're speeding up I-75 in Macon, therefore I'm far, far away from my projects....

-dress for heather
-knitted lace stole

So there you have it - things I'm doing, things I'm not doing and things I want to do, to an extent. There's lots more, and every day I add to my list of things to do, but I have to take it slowly,, right? Already you see my ADD showing through. And that's not even counting all the shelved projects!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Pointy sticks!!

So I've been working with pointy sticks (AKA - Knitting needles) for a couple of months now, on and off. Haven't worked with them very much - until today, just enough to get my tension kinda figured out on the garter stitch. Today, though, I decided to truly accquaint myself with the purl stitch, making a lovely stockinette stitch. And it's working! Knitting is a bit rougher on my hands than crocheting, but I have a n umber of projects I'd like to do that really do require knitting as opposed to crocheting, namely cables and lace. So off I go. Add to that the fact that my Grandma sent me a pair of her needles (number 4!!!!) and her vintage yarns.
So I'm off. Soon I'll post some pics.