Thursday, October 05, 2006

The yarn god are smiling!

Yesterday I had to head to Downtown Orlando to take Heather to a 9:30 eye appointment. Beacause you can never be completely sure what traffic is going to do heading into the city, I left my house a full hour + early to ensure that we wouldn't be late. Well, luck was on my side, and we made the trip in a very impressive 45 minutes (kinda sad when you take into consideration it's only 15 miles, though.). So, here it is, 8:45, I'm at my destination with 45 minutes to kill. I remember that there is a HUGE Dollar Tree nearby, so I decide to go check it out. OMG. Seriously. I have never seen so much stuff in a Dollar Tree before, and good stuff, too. Now, the biggest reason I check out Dollar Tree these days is becase they usually have yarn. Good yarn. Bernat yarn. And yesterday, in that store, was no different. Well, actually, it WAS different. There was a lot of yarn! And anyone who knows me with this new obsession knows that for me to see yarn and not buy anything is near unheard of! So, I bought 10 skeins! for $10! Of specialty yarn! 4 skeins of Bernat Velour in Purple Pleasers and 6 skeins of Bernat Frenzy in Racy Red. I also have Frenzy that I have picked up in Dollar Tree locations in Berserk, Lilac and Violet. The shawl I made was with the berserk.
Actually, I have a whole Dollar Tree yarn stash that continues to grow. There's Pebbles and Frenzy and Velour and, oh, I forget what the other one is.... the one that Brandee makes her monkey scarves with..... Voodoo!! And when these yarns retail everywhere else for $3-6 per skein, getting them at Dollar Tree is amazing! I mean, heck, you can't even get cheap, non specialty acrylic yarn for a dollar a skein, usually!!

Yes, I am really and truly addicted :D


Brandee said...

Good for you, I just wish ours had such good finds. That velour is pretty cool looking! I MUST NOT GO TO DOLLAR TREE. I MUST NOT GO TO DOLLAR TREE. Moving on.

Cathy Sullivan said...

Would you be willing to sell your 4 balls of Purple Pleasers. I have about 10 but not enough to finish my project.
Please let me know at:
(714) 642-9240