Monday, October 23, 2006

Weekend Recap.....

Man oh man, but I had an exciting weekend! It all started on Wednesday with the arrival of our houseguest for the weekend. Incidently, Wednesday is also the day, if you will remember, that our crochet group found out about the idioay that was the Salvation Army craft show. Yeah. Ok. Moving on.

So Thursday, blech, Friday day, blech. Hadn't been feeling to great, mostly from the allergies and insomnia, so I cancelled my plans to go out with Hans and a couple of friends of ours to dinner at Medieval Times. Then a friend had some drama occur in her life, so I was thankful that I was home to help her through it.

Saturday I puttered around the house, doing hella nothing for the most part. Went grocery shopping in the morning to get the stuff for Heather's birthday party and made her cake, cleaned some and just had a lazy day. I don't think I did much crocheting until the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep - yet again!

Okay, so I have been writing this since Monday. It's THursday. I'm not even going to ATTEMPT to finish it. I have 2 sick kids, and a house that is a disaster subsequently.......

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