Saturday, October 28, 2006

Saturday Rambles

So not much crocheting has gone on this week, what with the kids both sick. Makes me sad, too, because I really need the release, but every free second I have had has been spent cleaning (I can be online with a sick child in my arms, or while I monitor Aliceon's homework :D). And, because Hans had to work today, and the girls are sick, I didn't get to go yarn shopping with Brandee today, either. She did, however, pick up some wool for me that I need for a Christmas gift I'm planning - Thanks, Bran!!!

Today, though, the kids are feeling much better, and I have gotten a lot done housework wise, so I think that I will be crocheting some after dinner tonight. I need to relax. Desperately.

On the hooks right now - 1 lapghan, 4 afghans, 1 babyghan, 1 layette set, 2 dishcloths, 2 pairs of booties, 1 purse, 1 tote bag.... and I think that's it.....

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