Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Playing Catch Up!

Okay, so I have typed up about 6 blogs over the past week and a half or so, but either one of two things always happened - either blogger would eat the entry, or my stupid retard of a computer would randomly turn off, as it has been wont to do since we moved, and I would lose everything. So I'm trying again, but this is going to be the uber-condensed, written in MS Word version with numerous saves along the way.....

Let’s see – where to start again? Ah, yes, I think the last thing was my birthday. Birthday was great – dinner at TuTu Tango with Eli, and let me tell you, that was a blast! Good food, good company, interesting surroundings! If you haven’t been, and there’s one near enough to you, check it out. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed! That was Friday, the 6th. Then, on the 7th, my birthday actual, we headed down to Brandee’s for some poolside fun for the kids in the afternoon, and then my birthday party with yarn!! I really made out like a bandit there, too! Lots of “leftover” yarn and gift cards to buy more yarn and yarn paraphernalia! And let us not forget the yummy, scrummy food! Thank you, everyone, for a great 28th!!

So now that my birthday is over, I’m spending all my free time working on my WIPS for the craft fairs and Christmas gifts. I also just found out that a friend is pregnant, and she has asked that I make her 2 pairs of booties ASAP so that she can give a pair to each of the sets of grandparents as Christmas gifts as their way of announcing their new bundle.

I need to photograph my WIPs soon – I have sooooo many right now though. It seems I have a problem – anytime I get a new yarn, or find a new pattern, I absolutely MUST try it out. And then, like an idiot, I bought steel hooks and some crochet thread. It’s fun, I must admit, but addictive and much more time consuming than some of my other WIPs…. And all I’m doing is a book thong!! Still, I want to get the hang of thread so I can do a few angels and snowflakes to garnish my Christmas gifts with.

Not much else to report, actually. Heather’s birthday is Monday, and we’re having a “Pink Dora Party” on Sunday afternoon. The craft show I was supposed to participate in this weekend has become a not so gonna do thing, seeing as how the coordinator took the money even though, when she got it three weeks ago, the spaces for booths were full. Of course, she neglected to let anyone know about this until TODAY, hoping that a space would come available. Yeah, um, show’s Saturday. Oh well. More time to get things done, and that’s a good thing.

SO I’m going to try to be a better blogger now…… but this is it for tonight, as there are children that need attention, a house that needs cleaning, laundry that needs folding and WIPs that need to be moving closer to the finished basket :D Adieu!

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