Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I. Like. Cake!

Yarn cake!!

I ordered a yarn winder from recently, and recieved it last week. Ever since, I have been winding all kinds of yarn! I have even more I want to wind, but I try to limit winding time because otherwise I think I would get nothing else done!

I find that cakes are just so much easier to work with than skeins that I'm seriously considering caking most of my stash and then re-attaching the bands to the cakes for identification. I love my winder!!

Also, in case you didn't know, it's been hella cold here in FL the past week.... As in, it snowed in Orlando last night. Granted, nothing big, no sticking to the ground or anything, but still..... snow in Orlando is unheard of! Snow in FL period! So, because of the cold, and the accompanying wind, I made Al a skully for at the bus stop and when she's outside playing. She chose the colors and I whipped it up. Not the greatest hat by any means, but it's what I could do in an evening......

So now we're off to celebrate Thanksgiving with the family. I'm really looking forward to having them all around. We always have such a good time together! And, maybe, I'll get some more crocheting for the craft fair on the 10th done!!


Another yarn said...

I actually caked over half of my stash. You can take the labels and roll them up like a little tube and then stick them in the center as you're pulling it off the center spoke. That's what I did. :)

Kerry Crochets said...

Ah, Hmm, you give me much to think of, oh great master! I shall have to try that with the next batch I cake!!!