Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'm a sadist.

Okay, so I got the hat finished last night, as evidenced by my previous blog, and I have made a lot of headway on the matching scarf. I got bored, though, so I decided that since my Aunt Erin and her family are in town, I would whip out the yarn she had sent me and make something to wear for when we go to dinner THursday night. Yeah. I'm an idiot. Yeah. THe yarn? Colorwaves - an acrylic boucle from Lion Brand. The pattern? Well, this is me we're talking about. The pattern doesn't exist, so I'm making it up as I go along. Yeah. I know. Like I said, I'm a sadist. So I'm creating a new pattern for a type of wearable I have never before attempted in a yarn that doesn't play nicely when it comes time to frog. Oh yeah - and have I mentioned that I have a migraine? That I've had since SATURDAY? Hence the crocheting instead of cleaning - at least I can still sit in a semi-darkened room with crochet.... No sleeping since I have HeatherE here, and she requires constant adult supervision.....

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