Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday night insomnia

I started - again - on my hat to wear in CT when we go up. I've actually started this hat a few times already, but didn't really know what direction I wanted to take with it, so I always ended up frogging it. I found a pattern today, though, that I'm actually going onward with. It's a brimmed cloche with a crocheted ribbon that I think will work out nicely for what I need it for - it's long enough to cover my ears so they will be protected without impairing my hearing, and should be classy enough for a somber family gathering.

I've also been working on my sister and her boyfriend's scarves. Still getting the hang of the whole Tunisian thing, but I'm really enjoying it. I'm afraid that it may create too heavy a fabric for Meghan's scarf, though.

Hmmm..... What else am I actually working on? I think that's really about it right now. I've got a couple of other things that I'm holding in reserve for my trip so I have something to keep my hands busy, and, hopefully, my mind as well.....

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