Friday, September 29, 2006

Fast Times in Orlando

So I haven't gotten a whole lot of crocheting done the last two days.... Lots of stuff going on, and I have to get my house cleaned (damned housework always gets in the way. I wish I had some gnomes to come and do it for me :D). Still, I have taken advantage of the time while we wait for Aliceon's bus, and while I watch the kids play outside to make at least some headway on my many WIPs. The girls love it, because it means that much more play time.... I love it because I can crochet without guilt. Hans hates it, but that's just Hans. He pretty much hates anything that means that I am able to relax and he isn't. He does, however, go shooting almost every week, so he really shouldn't begrudge me. Still, I know the house isn't how it should be, and it's all the yarn's fault!! I have GOT to clean today.

Last night we went to the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival at, where else, Epcot. Let me tell you, that was a BLAST! We went with Eli and her friend Barry, and had the best time. It was cool being able to sample different foods from different countries without having to commit to a whole portion, too, let me tell you - takes the fear and trepidation out of being adventurous..... And, as always, Eli was endlessly entertaining. She is really the bees knees, let me tell ya.

Tomorrow I go shopping with my long time friend, Cynthia, for a bridesmaid dress for me, and flower girl dresses for Aliceon and Heather. Cynthia's getting married in June, and, being the ultra organized bride that she is, is getting a headstart on her planning. Then, we're going to go to Zaxby's and get something to eat. For those of you that don't know, Zaxby's is a phenomenal chicken joint. It started out just off campus at Georgia Southern (I worked at the original Zax in Statesboro. It was a blast, and free food was well worth the heat!). There's this sauce - Zax Sauce - that is just indescribable. I mean, really..... it's soooooo good. I dip everything I get in it - fries, chicken, texas toast. It's good on a buffalo chicken salad instead of any other dressing, too, but be prepared for the cumulative heat!! And the ice. They have what I refer to as popcorn ice. It's sooooo good, and perfect with Southern sweet tea.

After the dress shopping and pilgrimage to Zax, we're going to grab Tracie and head to Tampa to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail with friends on the riverwalk. We'll probably grab some dinner beforehand, but really, this is all a ruse - an excuse to sit together and crochet without the non-hookers catching on that it's a crochet excursion! I can't wait to see Tracie and Brandee and Cynthia!

So that's about that.... time to finally attack my housework!!

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