Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Beta Entry

Everything else internet has a beta, why not my blog, right? And, technically, this is my beta entry, as in the entry that tests the blog itself, right?

So, I've decided I need to be like the cool kids and have myself a working crochet blog that ISN'T attached to MySpace. Don't misunderstand me - MySpace is great - but I'm betting that it would be better if I weren't assaulting my entire friends list with posts every time I create a new item....... I know that not everyone cares about what I crochet, and most people only check in on that blog to get updates on my health, so that will be there, arts and crafts (crochet!!! and yarn!!!) will be here.....

To give a little background:
I'm married to Hans. Hans went to junior high with Brandee. Hans and Brandee found each other on MySpace about 8 months ago (I think). I was nervous and jealous of Brandee (I'm just a nervous and jealous person..... zero self esteem and all that jazz....). Brandee invited us to her spring shindiggity, and I discovered that I loved her, her family and her friends.... well, at least Tracie :D. Went to another shindiggity of Brandee's Memorial Day and got plastered with Tracie and Bridget (it's all Tony's fault! I swear it!). A little over a month later, I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. Brandee and Tracie organized their crochet group to make squares for a comfortghan for me. Then, they decided that, with the recovery I would have and the stress, I needed to learn to crochet. So we made a day of it, and after eating mass amounts of BBQ food, Brandee and Tracie taught me to crochet. That was the middle of July and I haven't stopped yet. Hans is soooo not loving this, but other people are! I now have an obsession with creating and an addiction to yarn. Seriously, it's like crack for me right now - I'm constantly thinking about how I can get my next fix!

SO this is going to be a blog dedicated to my latest obsession. I will be posting pics of the creations I finish, and maybe some WIPs too..... Enjoy! And feel free to comment!!


Brandee said...

You're such a follower! Welcome.

Another yarn said...

Yay! Another blog!