Wednesday, November 07, 2007

So. I. Suck.

I haven't posted much lately. Nay, anything lately. I have been working on some things, but one of them can't be discussed because I want it to be a surprise, and the other can't be discussed because it's a test pattern. Add to that all the stuff going on health-wise, well, it's just been a bit of a rough run. I had to go off my anti-inflammatory for nearly two weeks, and my hands are swollen, so I can't crochet much at a time. But I have all next week to rest and relax while my dear MIL takes care of the rest of my family. Yay scan week?


Tracie said...

Hang in there, babe. We'll go pet lovely yarns and such at the show next weekend. :) Smoochies.

Tracie said...'re it!


radioactive girl said...

I am finally getting around to playing with Ravelry. I added you as a friend and can't wait to look around! Thanks for adding me!