Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I hate it when the math burns me!!

So I had all my plans for the round ripple - 6 rounds pink, 1 round white, 6 rounds green, 1 round white, 9 rounds pink, 3 rounds white, 9 rounds green, three rounds white, 1 round sc pink followed by 1 round rsc pink to finish. Sounds perfect, right? I had 1 more skein of yarn than the original pattern called for to ensure I didn't run out. I planned it all out! I thought I had it all figured out! Nope. with 3 1/4 rounds of the 9 green to go, I ran out of green. And, of course, no stores carry the green I was using. So I had to frog 3/4 of a round and figure out how to make it all look decent with more white, less green. I hate math.

In other news, though, we had a lot of fun on our trip to see Hans' grandmother in New Orleans. We got there and one of the first things she tells me is that she has a project for me! She then showed me a nylon mesh potscrubber that she had made at a church function. She told me she wanted more, and she had the mesh and hooks already ready for me! Of course, I needed to go out and buy my own hook and some mesh in colors I wanted, too, so off we went to Joann. And how wonderful that we did!! They had their Sensations hooks on sale for fifty cents each! So, of course, I got a whole extra set - I had only brought two hooks on the trip with me - plus a new dress maker's tape measure and the nylon netting. We went home, and I got started making more scrubbies. Grandmommy was just amazed at how quickly I turned them out, but really, they're very simple. The worst part is the netting can tear up your fingers if you're not careful.

Of course, now I have a whole new set of hooks, and I had nowhere to put them, so I had to make myself a new hook case, another thing that amazed Grandmommy. I was glad we were there when I did it, though, because she had the coolest button I got to use that matched the yarn perfectly.

I'll have to take and post some pictures later. I just got my nails done, and now I have to go clean my house in preparation for a baby shower here on Saturday.
Edited 9/5/07 @ 8:35pm to add pics of hook case:

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Tracie said...

Math sucks. That's why the project of doom ended up being a queen sized afghan. It should have only been a stadium throw. :)

That's cool that she shared stuff with you. I'm glad you got to show off your skillz!