Wednesday, July 04, 2007

What's going on...?

Tracie has inspired me to complete a very frightening task - inventorying my WIPs. Yeah. Here goes....

-round ripple babyghan
-Fit To Be Tied purse (just need to sew in liner and seam)
-mini 1 project tool case (my own pattern)
-knitted pashmina ( no pattern, just learning with it - simple garter stitch)
-loom knit scarf
-s hook scarf

-messenger bag prototype (Soon, I promise!!)
-Cozie Blankie - Just too tedius and boring....
-I'm sure there's more, but we're speeding up I-75 in Macon, therefore I'm far, far away from my projects....

-dress for heather
-knitted lace stole

So there you have it - things I'm doing, things I'm not doing and things I want to do, to an extent. There's lots more, and every day I add to my list of things to do, but I have to take it slowly,, right? Already you see my ADD showing through. And that's not even counting all the shelved projects!


Tracie said...

Haha, yep, I need to redo mine. I skipped ahead on that list and made 2 new things since then. And now I have a ton of new things to do (gotta make my samples for the classes). And I didn't even include the projects in planning mode.

Y'all have a safe trip and give the girls a hug for me when you get 'em. :)

~dani said...

Oh My Goodness I really shouldn't make a list, it would scare me :)

Do I have to count things I've thrown back into the yarn bins??