Monday, March 05, 2007

Playing catch up

Okay, so I haven't been crocheting very much lately, mostly because I haven't been physically able to. I did finish the funeral scarf on the plane to Connecticut, and everyone really liked the set. It's at my mom's house now so that my sister can pick it up when she visits them next. I'll have to get them to take a pic when she gets it.

I did create a bookmark pattern last week, and gave my prototype to a good friend. I took pictures, but for some reason I can't find my cord to my camera, so I'll have to amend my entry when I find it to include a picture. She really seemed to like it, though.

Last Thursday, Heather and I had to go to Wal-Mart to get my oil changed, and while there we (of course) walked through the fabric department to look at yarn. Amazingly, at 3 years old, she went through the yarns and picked a favorite. At first, she picked a crochet thread, then, when we got to the Simply Soft, she decided that a light blue was more to her liking. Now, I didn't know then what I was going to make, but she wanted me to maker her something with that yarn. Last weekend, Brandee loaned me a pattern that, when she used it with a beautiful, soft pink angora, won her a blue ribbon at the Florida State Fair. Even though the pattern is written for 3-6 month size, it's written using fingering weight yarn and a D hook. Being me, and not wanting to work a pattern as written, I decided to see how it would work with the Simply Soft, which is worsted weight, and an I hook. Well, so far, the pattern as written for the 3 month size, with the change in yarn and hook, seems to be working up to a nice 3T for Heather.

We went to the Plant City Strawberry Festival on Saturday, where I (literally) ran into Dani from my crochet group. I hadn't seen her since the beginning of December, when we worked the Safety Harbor Craft Show. I also got to see some beautiful angora rabbits in the rabbit and poultry exhibit. I had never seen an English Angora rabbit before, but I'm in love now. One of these days, I will have a few of them. I'll just have to make sure Tracie has her wheel by then, though, so she can spin the yarn for us!

So that's all for now... I need to get back to the dress - I would love to have it ready for Easter! We'll see, though - this is my first fitted project :D

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