Friday, March 16, 2007

I'm a Simple (wo)Man!

It takes so very, very, VERY little to amuse and excite me! I just got an email saying that my Venus Breeze is on its way. I had signed up, through Vocalpoint, to test the new Venus Breeze, but not everyone that signs up is chosen - as in all marketing, you have to meet various demographic criteria. When I read the email saying that I had, in fact, met the aforementioned criteria, I literally (and yes, this is pathetic - I have no life!) said WooHoo! out loud!

So I had extra kids today, as I mentioned either in this blog or in KA&TN, so I had an excuse to be a little lazier than normal. It was wonderful for me because it meant I got to work on my crochet projects a bit more. As Tracie has pointed out, though, I have CADD (crochet attention deficit disorder), so I worked some on the gray granny ghan, some on the baby granny ghan, and then I started on a bobble baby ghan. Purse is sitting waiting. So is the bag. The purse is wool, and the bag is cotton, and my hands are swollen, so worsted acrylic working into spaces is just so much easier on me right now. Of course, Hans thinks that all I do is sit here at home crocheting as it is - having 3 4 projects on the hooks really doesn't help my case any!

Now, since I'm a s l o w blogger, it's St. Patty's Day! Ahhh! Top o' the mornin' to ya! I baked my leprechaun cakes last night they're just plain yellow cupcakes that I mixed green food coloring with and am cleaning the kitchen so I can go ahead and bake my herbed Irish Soda Bread. we're having a few friends over for some Guinness, corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots and, of course, leprechaun cakes. Damned leprechauns forgot to leave me my pot of gold this morning, though.

Well, the family is waking, so I'd better start looking busy! Adieu!


Tracie said...

I've been told to relay to you that your challenge has been accepted in the "Great Granny Race of '07". Good luck. ;-)

I was bad, though, I told him I'd distract you with new ideas if I had to. :)

Kerry Crochets said...

You are truly evil in your ways, Miss Tracie. I'll still win (unless I need to let him!)

Well, depending on which square I count lol!