Saturday, June 23, 2007

Package has arrived!!

I received the package from my aunt yesterday with the knitting needles and yarn that were my grandparents'. There is some awesome vintage yarn in there, and someone started a beautiful argyle something - I think it's a scarf, but I'm not sure - it could be the beginning of a sweater - perhaps the front left panel. Beautiful dark brown, seafoam green and off white superwash fingering weight wool.... There's also a couple of skeins of cotton/acrylic rug yarn.... and a few others, too....

I also got the three squares for Dani finished and off to Tracie. She's going to take a couple of pics and send them to me.

Not much else going on in the yarn world right now, though. I went down to help family with moving prep, so my hands aren't exactly crochetable right now, and most certainly not knittable.... soon, though. I plan to do some stuff here at home today and then spend tomorrow relaxing (maybe).....

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Tracie said...

Coolness on the argyle. Any chance the pattern still with it? That would be awesome.

Take it easy on your hands. Try soaking them either in the tub (it's what I do) or just get a nice deep bowl and do it that way. I've found when mine are stiff that the heat works.

You might want to look into a paraffin wax warmer thing. Kel has one and swears by it for her hands. :) Plus it makes them soft!